Since 1974, our company has been specialized in the field of the cargoes protection during the transport and in the equipments for the containerisation.

The two centers of our activities are the “cargoes protection during the transport” (mainly in containers) and conception and manufacturing of equipments concerning transport and containerisation.

Our company is certified ISO 9001 version 2015.

The sales and development design office are situated in our head office approx. 15 km from Paris.
Our main partners are in Europe (Denmark, Great Britain and Germany).

Our customers are mainly in the export industry and in the container moving area (industry and ports).

Our turnover is approx. 5 million Euros a year. Our company is Limited Company and our capital is 400.000 Euros.

First Part: Cargoes protection during transport

Cargoes protection during their transport

Second Part: Equipments for the containerisation (non-exhaustive list)

Equipments for containerisation