Privacy Policy

Data safety remains at the heart core of our internal and external strategy, according to our permanent effort to seek compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 international standards.

In compliance with the general European agreement relative to Data Protection (GDPR),

We acknowledge you in this present document with the way and methods we will use to organize data recollection. Moreover, we will analyze for which purpose the Data will be used, what types of legal claims remain at your disposal according to the new general data protection regulation implemented by the rule of law since May 25th 2018.

Data Protection Manager


ZI du Coudray, 2 Rue Nicolas Copernic


Téléphone : +33(0)1 48 65 27 11


Main objectives

Data are recollected and saved for the sole purpose of commercial relationship development and establishment of legal documentations linked to order processing, delivery and financial reporting.

Categories of Data collected

We do not collect sensitive data.

Data recipient categories

Access to your data is protected by the use of passwords to proceed to their visualization.

Our sales and commercial department employees have access to your data.

Transfer of your data to external sources might only occur in these cases:

In other situations, your data won’t be transmitted to external parties unless you provide your written personal authorization. Only in this specific case, the receivers can use your data to serve the purpose they have been sent to.

Data Conservation Period

CEA SARL Company has the authorization to store your personal data as long as the commercial relationship is maintained and/or during the following years necessary for legal compliance.

Data transfer outside The European Union

The data collected cannot be transferred outside The European Union unless a process order has been executed and if the legal system says so (example: taxes compliance), or if the process relies to the deep interest of our company or if you gave your personal authorization.

Your rights regarding data protection

If you don’t want to receive further information or advertising from our company, you can send us a retractation form by mail at our address:

C.E.A, ZI du Coudray, 2 rue Nicolas Copernic, 93600 Aulnay Sous- Bois,

Or by email at:


The present document can be modified at every moment. The last update will be published on our website.